Boards & Commissions

Library Board of Trustees

Seven 6 year Terms

Term Expiration
Karen Nelson, President

June 2022
Barb Arland-Fye, Vice President

June 2020
Meredith Zeitlow, Secretary

June 2020
Becky Pilger, Trustee

June 2020
Ray Ainslie, Trustee
June 2024
Michael Souhrada, Trustee
June 2022
Nick Johnson, Trustee
June 2024

Planning and Zoning Commission

Seven 5 Year Terms

NameAddressTerm Expiration
Jodi Creswell
912 Reynolds Street
Jeanette Kerr
110 S. 2nd Street
Kenneth Motz (Chair)1112 Iowa Drive6-10-23
Ray Norris1130 Woodland Lne6-10-21
Sarah Thuenen503 Dodge Street6-10-23
Steve Zelle1503 Holland Street6-10-22

Board of Adjustment

Five 5 Year Terms

NameAddressTerm Expiration
Bill Gillespie1430 Davenport Street3-2-22
Pete Jarvis1913 Canal Shore Drive SW3-2-20
Mindy Swank2220 Tara Lane3-2-19
Linda Kamp833 Canal Shore Drive SW3-2-23
Debbie Smith421 N. 15th Street3-2-21

Parks & Recreation Commission

Seven 3 Year Terms

NameAddressTerm Expiration
Marc Hilliard (Chair)419 S. 8th Street8-10-19
Megan Hershbarger
904 Wild West Drive
Lauren Friedenberg
#7 William Court
Brent Ayers
398 Stagecoach Trail
April Flanigan (Secretary)308 N. Cody Road8-10-19
Bob Haessler (Vice Chair)#5 Oakley Drive8-10-20
Nathan Greuel (Treasurer)2397 Forest Reed Place8-10-19

LeClaire Tourism Board

Ten Permanent and Staggered 2 year Terms

NameRepresentingAddressTerm Expiration
Ray AllenMayor, Ex-Officio (Non-Voting)
Barry LongCouncil Member, Ex-Officio Member (Non-Voting)
Debbie Mulvania, PresidentLeClaire Chamber of Commerce
Ron LeibyNon-Profits910 N. 3rd Street06/30/19
Michael BrischLodging1201 Canal Shore DrivePermanent
Liz Quinn Retail1102 S. 32st St, Clinton6/30/19
Bob Schiffke, Vice PresidentMuseum/Attractions199 Front StreetPermanent
Carl BoehlFestivals, Events, etc.212 N. 10th Street6/30/20
Monica Schons
Retail430 N. Cody Road
Amanda HarveyRestaurantsP. O. Box 1596/30/19
Emily Gwin, SecretaryRetailP. O. Box 4836/30/19
Cindy BruhnTourism ManagerLeClaire Information CenterContractor

I.T. Committee Members

Gary Wagner, 801 Clover Hill Lane