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LeClaire, Iowa is located at a point where the Mississippi River makes a sharp bend to the southwest. Le Claire's historic bond with the river and the bold men who tamed the Upper Rapids is still visible in the homes and buildings they left behind. On May 7, 1979, their homes were recognized as part of the nine block Cody Road Historic District listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Most of the homes are located along Cody Road and Second Street with a few between Wisconsin and Dodge Streets.


All of the homes and buildings included in the Historic District were constructed in the mid-19th century, mostly between 1850 to 1870, though style form, size and materials of construction vary. Most prominent is the Italianate, with examples of both brick and frame construction. The Greek Revival is expressed in several modes, ranging from the relatively sophisticated to the decidedly vernacular. Please enjoy this self-guided photo tour!

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Please note: Many of these homes are currently private homes and / or businesses and are not open for public viewing unless otherwise noted. All illustrations were created by local artists.


River Pilot information was prepared by the LeClaire Lioness in cooperation with Carol Farwell, editor. Rewritten and published by permission of Jim Arpy, Feature Writer, Quad City Times and Dorothy Lage, teacher and long time resident of LeClaire.