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How to register online for programs

We proudly offer programming for all ages at the LeClaire Community Library.  

Visit our facebook page and for up to date information on our programs.


  • We try to provide at least one or two programs each month. These programs dates, times, and topics vary, so please check our monthly calendar here to see what other events we have planned.
  • If you are interested in facilitating a program, please contact the Director Melita Tunnicliff. Please note the topic, the anticipated audience, and any fees associated with the event. Selection of topics, courses, classes, events and their presenters will be made by Library staff on the basis on interests and needs of Library users, the community and compatibility with the Library’s mission and goals. Library programs must be non-commercial.  Presenters may be professionals or business people, but the information presented must be generic in nature.  No solicitation for business will be permitted.


  • Children's Area- The Children's Area offers books, movies, music, magazines, puzzles, and downloadable materials for children from birth through 6th grade. 
  • A Parent/Teacher collection is located in the Adult Nonfiction section.  Books are labeled on the spine as Parent/Teacher materials.
  • Don't forget to stop by the play area--trains, cars, puzzles, a play kitchen, & more!--and be sure to try the Library's two touchscreen, early literacy computers.
  • Programs- The LeClaire Community Library offers a variety of programs for children from birth through sixth grade, including weekly storytimes, and craft and LEGO-based programs.


  • We make every effort to ensure people of all ages and ability levels can enjoy our programs. If you need accommodations or have general accessibility concerns, please contact the library and we’d be glad to assist in any way we can.
  • Photographs and videos may be taken at any and all library programs and events, and the library reserves the right to use those photographs and videos in print and online publications without written permission of all those included in the photographs or videos. We do protect patron privacy by not using full names or personal identifying information to describe those in our photographs unless we have express written permission from the subject or their legal guardian.
  • If you do not wish to be in photographs or videos that may appear on our website or print materials, please let us know before the program, and again once you arrive, to ensure that library staff, event organizers, and photographers have all acknowledged your wishes.