Street Maintenance:  The Public Works Department maintains all of the concrete, asphalt, gravel roadways and alleys in the City Limits.  This includes panel replacement at times, pothole repairs, crack and joint sealing, removal of snow and ice in the winter, shoulder maintenance of LeClaire’s 72 lane miles of roadways.

Parks and Riverfront Levee Mainenance: The Public Works Department maintains Hollyhock Park, Scout Park, Huckleberry Park, Skatepark, Vets Plex Baseball Fields, along with the Riverfront Levee and boatramp area.  This includes mowing, trimming, weeding, mulching, trimming trees and bushes, maintaining the shelters, gazebo, maintaining fields and dugouts, and playground equipment/areas.

Storm Water Maintenance:  The Public Works Department manages storm water runoff throughout the city.  LeClaire has 3 miles of storm water system and 364 storm water intakes.  Click on the Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership link for more information. Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership logo Opens in new windowTips to Prevent Stormwater Pollution (Document)

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Snow/Ice Removal:  The Public Works Department removes snow and/or ice from all city roadways during and after a snow event.  This also includes removing snow and ice from all city owned building parking lots and sidewalks. Please keep in mind to wait 24 hours AFTER THE SNOW before calling to give the City crews adequate time to fully plow and clean up all the roadways.  Downtown parking cleanup occurs after at least 2" of accumulation.  Click on the Snow Removal page to link to more specifics on the City’s Snow Ordinance and policies.

City-owned Building Maintenance: The Public Works Department maintains all city owned buildings and grounds.  This includes City Hall, Library, Police Department, Fire Department, Rec Center, Parks, Levee, Public Works and Wastewater Facilities.

Tree-Trimming:  The Public Works Department trims trees over city roads and easements, downtown trees, and trees in our parks and riverfront levee.

Traffic Signs and Signals:  The Public Works Department installs and maintains the city’s traffic control / informational signage which includes stop signs, speed limit, directional and street name signs.  City staff also maintain the 3 traffic signals on Highway 67.

Flood Control:  The Public Works Department monitors Mississippi River levels and barricades any city roadways affected by flooding.  Click on the Flooding Information link for more detailed information.

Sanitary Sewer and Wastewater Plant Maintenance:  The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the city’s wastewater plant, laboratory, 33 miles of sanitary sewer system, 598 manholes, and 6 sanitary lift stations located throughout the city.