Flood Preparation and Information

Highway 67 and Territorial Road Detour when in place.

Highway 67 detour flooding
The City of LeClaire, Iowa is affected from time to time by flooding on the Mississippi River.  The nature, rise, crest, and duration of any flood each year is affected by many different factors.  A few of the primary factors are snowfall, rate of melting of the snowfall and winter snowpack, and rainfall not only here but from those communities and states upriver from LeClaire.  LeClaire City Staff monitor river levels several times daily during these times.  The information provided here will provide you with the preparations the City of LeClaire has taken before and during any flooding, any updates on road closures, etc., and links to the National Weather Service for current river updates and projections. 

Flood Information

Depending on river projections and levels, the Public Works Department prepares in a variety of ways for the areas affected.
  • Road Closures:  Depending on River Levels, the Public Works crews MAY CLOSE ALL OR PORTIONS OF Canal Shore Drive and West Canal Shore Drive, Byron Street, Territorial Road at Highway 67, and the Riverfront Levee and Boatramp. (See ALERTS AT TOP OF PAGE FOR LIST OF CLOSURES).  If this happens, we will update that information on the City website and will put barricades in place closing the roads for as long as needed.  The Iowa DOT is in charge of any flooding affecting Highway 67 through LeClaire.  NOTE:  ALL DOWNTOWN AND CANAL SHORE DRIVE BUSINESSES REMAIN OPEN AND ACCESSIBLE DURING FLOODING!
  • Sandbagging:  Depending on river levels, the City MAY provide truckloads of sand and/or sandbags staged in certain areas for LeClaire residents within the LeClaire City limits, affected by the flooding.  Due to lack of time, equipment, and personnel, Public Works crews will NOT be filling sandbags for residents.  Any decisions and information on the placement and materials available will be provided on the City website.  If you have a LeClaire mailing address and live outside the LeClaire City limits, contact Scott County (563)-484-3056 for information.
  • Other Preparations:  Depending on River Levels, Public Works crews MAY CLOSE DOWN PARTS OF the Riverfront Levee, Boatramp, Veterans War Memorial, Pavilion, Public Restrooms and may sandbag to protect any of these city assets.  City crews also monitor our Waste Water Treatment Plant, Lift Stations and processes and may make any adjustments necessary due to high water levels.
  • Flood Projections and Links:  The local office of the National Weather Service monitors and updates river levels, flood projections, etc., on their webpage.  Click the National Weather Service link below for more information:

Scott County Emergency Management Agency Docs: 

Please click on any of these documents from the Scott County Emergency Management agency for more information.

National Weather Service in Quad Cities (Mississippi River at LeClaire Link)

National Weather Service