This web page contains supporting documents for the "Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development" (BUILD) discretionary grant application for the City of LeClaire US 67 Corridor Connectivity Improvements and Mississippi Riverfront Revitalization Project.  The City of LeClaire is engaging in an all-inclusive effort to create a comprehensive, sustainable downtown community that better integrates economic prosperity, social vibrancy, and transportation safety.

The City of LeClaire has the opportunity to enhance the downtown/riverfront area to be the “Front Door” to the city, improving the inter-connectivity of multiple areas and services: connecting residential neighborhoods to schools and City Hall and the downtown, linking the downtown commercial district to the riverfront, and opening up the riverfront to enhanced river boat and river cruise line use along the Mississippi River.

These improvements will make the downtown and riverfront a destination area, spurring increased local and regional tourism and commercial/retail economic redevelopment in this area.  Connecting to regional routes such as the Mississippi River Trail system, updating roadway corridors using Complete Streets design guidance, and reinventing the Riverfront Park Area will lead to a more walkable, ridable, livable, sustainable community.

This page is under construction. Supporting documents for the BUILD grant. Documents will be added frequently.