"In the Works..."

Huckleberry Park Improvements (COMPLETED):

- Check out the progress at Huckleberry Park over the past few years, located off Huckleberry Lane (Off Iowa Drive right next to the LeClaire Water Tower! 
New Pavilion/Picnic Shelter - The pavilion/picnic shelter has been constructed and is completed.  Picnic Tables have been assembled and are ready for use.
Playground Area - The new park playground equipment has been installed and the mulch area around it has been finished and is ready to use! 
Parking Area - The new concrete lot has been poured and is open!  Parking Lot Lights have been installed and are working.  Basketball poles and hoops are up and can be used.
Walking/Hiking Trail through the Woods - The Hiking Trail in the woods has been completed and signage has been put up, designating these trails.
Pickleball Courts - Pickleball Courts are completed and OPEN!

Concrete Walking Trail - The concrete walking trail around the perimeter of the park is COMPLETED!  Thanks for your patience through these improvements!

Wisconsin Street and 35th Street Complete Reconstruction:

Wisconsin Street between 15th Street and 26th Street is OPEN again until work resumes February, 2022.  The City is contracting work to be done completely reconstructing/overlaying Wisconsin Street from 15th Street west just past PVJH and also 35th Street from Wisconsin Street to Valley Drive. This major project will include culvert replacement, tearing out and replacing/overlaying the existing road surface, and work on a sidewalk/walking trail on the north side of Wisconsin Street. This will be a major project, with many moving parts - so watch for added information on staging of the project, temporary road closures and detours, construction equipment and barricades. The City has been and will continue to work with Pleasant Valley Community School District on the logistics of travel throughout this project. Thank you for your patience through this much needed improvement in our community!  Watch this page for ongoing updates and pictures.

Tentative Timetable:

35th Street and Wisconsin Street Roadways (Phase 1):  February, 2022 to June 2022

35th Street and Wisconsin Street Roundabout (Phase 2):  March 2022 to March, 2023.

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Ongoing Road Repairs throughout LeClaire:

The PWD continues to make road repairs as needed (i.e. patching, digging out sections of bad road surfaces, repairing and replacing sections of road surfaces, culvert replacement).  Please watch for dips in roadways, rough road surfaces, etc... around town.   Sometimes this occurs without warning or continues through a number of days.  This is an ongoing process throughout the year.  Thank you for your patience as we work to improve LeClaire's roadways.
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