"In the Works..."

Riverfront Levee Concrete Replacement Project:

The City is having work done along our Riverfront Levee.  There have been a large number of concrete panels and curbline being torn out and replaced, and dirtwork done due to the train derailment damage that occurred along that area back in January, 2020.  Repairs began late last fall and will be ultimately completed summer, 2021 with final panel replacement, dirtwork and grass.  Watch for construction barricades, closed off sections of the levee, and construction workers and equipment throughout this process.  Thanks for your patience!
35th Street Bridge is CLOSED for Repairs and Resurfacing:

35th Street Bridge/Overpass (between Wisconsin Street and Forest Grove Road) will be CLOSED beginning Monday, June 7  2021 for about 6 weeks, weather permitting.  The DOT will be repairing and overlaying the deck surface, replacing the guardrails and working on the approaches on the 35th Street Bridge/Overpass.  Construction is scheduled to be finished up mid to late July. Watch for construction workers, equipment, barricades and signage during this project.  Plan accordingly for detours through this area.

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May Street Culvert Replacement / Drainage Work:  May Street between Fairwynd and 4th Street is CLOSED beginning Monday, June 14  2021.  The City has contracted to replace the culvert on May Street between Fairwynd Drive and 4th Street to improve the drainage in conjunction with the May Street overlay project. This $150,000+/- project will be completed this summer. Watch for construction barricades, workers, etc... throughout this project. Thanks for your patience!

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Valley Drive Repairs between "Upper" Woodland Drive "Lower" Woodland Drive:

- The City has contracted for work to be done to repair the 2 "sunken/dipped" areas on Valley Drive between "Upper" Woodland Drive and "Lower" Woodland Drive.  Work will include culvert replacement, drainage work, and complete road resurfacing. Valley Drive will be CLOSED between "Upper" Woodland Drive and "Lower" Woodland Drive beginning sometime middle to end of July for this culvert replacement and road work. Watch for road closure signage, road closed barricades, construction equipment and construction workers. Expect detouring around this area and allow for extra time in doing so. Watch this page for exact start dates.  Thanks for your patience through this project!

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Huckleberry Park Improvements:

- Check out the progress at Huckleberry Park, located off Huckleberry Lane (Off Iowa Drive right next to the LeClaire Water Tower!
New Pavilion/Picnic Shelter - The pavilion/picnic shelter has been constructed and is completed with the exception of finishing up the flooring in the restrooms and kitchen area in May/June.  Picnic Tables have been assembled and are ready for use.  Dirtwork, final grading and grasseed will be completed summer/fall, 2021.
Playground Area - The new park playground equipment has been installed and the mulch area around it has been finished and is ready to use!
Parking Area - The new concrete lot has been poured and is open!  Parking Lot Lights have been installed and are working.  Basketball poles and hoops are up and can be used.
Walking/Hiking Trail - The Hiking Trail in the woods has been completed and signage has been put up, designating these trails.
Pickleball Courts - Grading, an asphalt base and fencing for 4 Pickleball Courts has been completed just to the east of the Pavilion!  Watch for continued progress on this project throughout the summer!

Watch for additional plans in the future, some of which TENTATIVELY include a walking trail around the park later 2021!

Hollyhock Park Playground Equipment

- Hollyhock Park has new playground equipment!  There have been 2 playground areas installed by the pavilion - one for kids ages 2 through 5; another one for kids ages 6 through 11.  This new equipment replaced the old equipment that has been removed and disposed of.  Mulch has been put down, but final grading and grasseed will be completed summer, 2021 along with borders for the new playground areas.
Utility Work around LeClaire by MetroNet

 - Watch for utilities being located, marked and flagged along with boring machines and construction workers digging around utility boxes and utility poles for the installation of MetroNet 100% Fiber Optic Internet/Phone/Cable Provider coming to our area.  Work should be completed later this year.  Click Here for the MetroNet Link for LeClaire Construction Information or call (877) 386-3876 for more information about this construction process or any questions you may have.  

Street Overlay Projects

- The City has contracted work for our Street Overlay Projects which began the week of May 10th!  Work to be done will include milling of the existing street, roadbase work as needed, concrete curb replacement as needed, and a complete asphalt overlay of the existing street, road edge work, etc... .  Watch for temporary road closures, road closed to thru traffic signage, equipment and workers as work continues over the next couple of months.

Here are a list of streets to be completely overlayed (in no particular order of completion).
- May Street between 2nd and 7th Street
- Davenport Street between 8th Street and 15th Street
- 15th Street between Dodge Street and Wisconsin Street  (COMPLETED)
- 12th Street between Davenport Street and Jones Street
- May Court
- 11th Street between Wisconsin Street and Jones Street  (COMPLETED)
- North 5th Street between Jones Street and Reynolds Street  (COMPLETED)
- North 6th Street between Wisconsin Street and Reynolds Street  (COMPLETED)
- Reynolds Street between North 5th Street and North 6th Street  (COMPLETED)
- North 2nd Street between Chesnut Street and Oak Street  (COMPLETED)
- North 3rd Street between Jones Street and Holland Street  (COMPLETED)

Note:  Davenport Street between 7th and 14th; 12th Street between Wisconsin Street and Davenport Street; May Court, and May Street between 2nd and 7th Street will all be started the week of June 28 and the culvert work is completed on May Street.

Ongoing Road Repairs throughout LeClaire:

The PWD continues to make road repairs as needed (i.e. patching, digging out sections of bad road surfaces, repairing and replacing sections of road surfaces, culvert replacement).  Please watch for dips in roadways, rough road surfaces, etc... around town.   Sometimes this occurs without warning or continues through a number of days.  This is an ongoing process throughout the year.  Thank you for your patience as we work to improve LeClaire's roadways.
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