Projects in the Works...

Sycamore Drive Reconstruction Project:

- Sycamore Drive has been fully reconstructed from Thornwood Lane to Tara Lane.   It is all open and mostly completed.  Watch for construction equipment and workers, etc... throughout the finishing stages of this project.  This project should be completed this fall.  Click on the "Sycamore Drive Project Updates" Link to the left for more detailed information and updates.

Huckleberry Park Pavilion and Playground Project:

- Check out the progress at Huckleberry Park, located off Iowa Drive (Huckleberry Lane) close to the LeClaire Water Tower!
New Pavilion/Picnic Shelter - The pavilion/picnic shelter has been constructed and is nearly completed with the exception of finishing up some pluming and electrical items in the restrooms and kitchen area.  We look forward to having this completed hopefully this Fall.  Picnic Tables have been ordered and assembled and are ready for use.
Playground Area - The new park playground equipment has been installed and the mulch area around it has been finished and is ready to use!
Parking Area - City crews have removed the "temporary gravel" parking area in preparation for the new concrete parking lot being worked on now!  The new concrete lot will be completed this fall!.  

Hollyhock Park Playground Equipment

- Hollyhock Park is getting new playground equipment!  There have been 2 playground areas installed by the pavilion - one for kids ages 2 through 5; another one for kids ages 6-11.  This new equipment will be replacing the existing equipment that will be removed and disposed of since it is no longer compliant.  The new equipment has been installed along with mulch, but final grading and grasseed still needs to be completed.  Final seeding and removal of the old equipment will be completed sometime early next spring.
Crack and joint sealing program:

- The City has contracted for work to be done on our annual ongoing concrete street crack and joint sealing program.  This project began Monday, September 28 and will be completed later this fall.
Utility Work around LeClaire by MetroNet

 - Watch for utilities being located, marked and flagged along with boring machines and construction workers digging around utility boxes for the installation of MetroNet 100% Fiber Optic Internet/Phone/Cable Provider coming to our area.  Work should be completed later this fall.  Click Here for the MetroNet Link for LeClaire Construction Information or call (877) 386-3876 for more information about this construction process or any questions you may have.  

Concrete Panel Replacement Program

- The City has contracted for our annual Concrete Panel Replacement Program and work began Wednesday, September 30 and will continue throughout the fall.  Watch for signage, Construction Workers and Equipment, Temporary Lane Closures, etc... throughout this process and throughout the City.  Thanks for your patience!