Stormwater Management

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Stormwater Management is an ongoing process in our Community.  The City of LeClaire is a member of the Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership (ISWEP) and is a MS4 Permit City.  There are things we all can do to help reduce the amount of stormwater pollutants and runoff that affect our Local Streams and Mississippi River.

LeClaire maintains a 24/7 Stormwater Management Phone Hotline:                563-289-4242    Extension 1502  (Mark Dale - Public Works Director)

Check out this short video link about Managing Stormwater Runoff.
Click on this link for more information (i.e. lawncare, vehicle care, rainwater, etc...) about Stormwater Management for Individual Homeowners.  

Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership

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Partners of Scott County Watersheds

Partners of Scott County Watersheds

Xstream Cleanup was held in conjunction with Partners of Scott County Watersheds and the City of LeClaire  along Silver Creek on Saturday, September 17  2022 from 9:00am to 11:00am! Removing litter and debris from the stream helps to improve the health and quality of our waters. Watch for information in 2023 on this year's date and details!

Tackle Litter in 2023!   Join the 23on23 Campaign with Iowa Stormwater Educational Partnership this year - just click on the following link to find out more!
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