Territorial Road Bridge Replacements (x2)

Project Description:

The City is contracting the work for the total replacement of BOTH the Territorial Road Bridge at 277th Avenue (west bridge) and the Territorial Road Bridge to the east of 277th Avenue (east bridge) across from the Rock Quarry for 2022-23. Watch for more information about DETOURS, timetable, and other construction details. 

Demolition is completed and construction is well underway of the "West Bridge":  (ROAD CLOSURE IN PLACE)  - "West Bridge" Replacement (@ 277th Avenue):  Territorial Road IS COMPLETELY CLOSED to Thru Traffic BETWEEN HIGHWAY 67 and 277TH AVENUE - DETOUR IS IN PLACE.   NOTE:  277th Avenue WILL remain OPEN for MOST of this process.

Tentative Construction Start Date for "East Bridge":  November  2022

"East Bridge" Replacement (across from the Rock Quarry):   Territorial Road WILL BE COMPLETELY CLOSED to Thru Traffic BETWEEN THE ROCK QUARRY and 277TH AVENUE - DETOURS WILL BE IN PLACE.

West Bridge Detour Map 7-22
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3-14-22 map a east bridge
3-14-22 map a west bridge