Tree Trimming

The Public Works Department trims trees over city roads and easements, the downtown trees, and trees in our parks and riverfront levee.

REMINDER:  City crews annually trim and haul away any tree branches hanging over and along city streets and alleyways (within the City Right-of-Way) in preparation for the winter snow and plowing season.  Low hanging branches hit the tops of our city plowtrucks and the addition of snow and ice makes them hang even lower.  Any trees and bushes close to the roadway that hang out end up hitting city truck mirrors.  Crews try when possible to trim branches back to the next "y" in the branch.  Crews also trim back any branches or bushes in the City Right-Of-Way hanging in front of and blocking any road signage.

The City also contracts out professional tree trimming services on larger tree trimming or removal projects at times as needed.

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