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1. Who is responsible to shovel my sidewalk?
2. How do I reserve one of the Park or Riverfront Levee shelters, or the Rec Center?
3. How do I report a streetlight that is either out or stays on 24/7?
4. When is my garbage/recycling pickup day in LeClaire?
5. When is the city wide garbage/cleanup day?
6. Am I responsible to keep my lawn mowed and weeds trimmed? What is the weed abatement process?
7. What is LeClaire's snow removal ordinance?
8. What are the requirements for purchasing a building permit? Where do I purchase a building permit?
9. What are the requirements before digging in your yard for any construction, sidewalks, fences, additions, etc?
10. How can I find out about winter road conditions?
11. How and where can I dispose of e-waste and hazardous waste?
12. What are all the the locate flags, boring machines, and construction workers digging all over LeClaire?